Fear of Marriage – The list

So what is it about the term ‘marriage’ which seems to frighten people in today’s world? Less and less of my peers are interested in getting married early. And we are talking women from ages 25 – 30! That is actually considered in a lot of cases as early for a woman nowadays.

I married a bit early, if you know what I mean and I have to say, it is not an easy journey this trip called ‘marriage’. My partner and I are very strong characters and we are stubborn in our own way, which does not help when arguments ensue. We can spend the entire conversation going in circles just because we want to feel that we have been heard. By the end of the argument, we are so upset that we can’t even bear to look at each other.

That being said, there are times when we are so into each other that we spend the whole day hip to hip…the times when we just cannot imagine a life with someone else. Which brings me to my first topic in the Fear of Marriage series ; The List.

I have a friend who cannot seem to find a man who ticks all the boxes of her ‘the right husband‘ list. She includes things like ‘should earn more than me, should be able to carry me, speaks 2 / 3 languages fluently, likes Chinese food as much as I do…‘ Some people might consider this a reasonable list and some might think she may be asking for way too much and will never find a suitor. What do you think?

I have to confess that I made a list myself but when I met my husband, but the pull was so strong that I tossed that list right out the window. There were things on the list which he met  and those he didn’t, but then there were also things which I didn’t even think mattered to me but I am so glad that he has those qualities.

Now ladies, my question to you is…if you are married, did you make a list? And if you did, what percentage of this did he tick? Do you find that making a list and sticking to it is worth it. Do you think making a list might have prevented you from meeting the ‘right‘ guy for you or did the list make it easier for you to spot the right guy?

If you are single and searching…do you have a list? And if so, can you please share with us what is on the list? Do you feel that you may never get married if he doesn’t tick all the boxes, or are you prepared to stray from the list if someone manages to sweep you off your feet?

Do share 🙂


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