Fear of Marriage – The Proposal

Let’s say you’ve managed to find that Mr Right and you have been dating for a while. Everything seems to be going so well but it just seems like he won’t pop the question. You know you share something special and you are prepared to tie the knot. Maybe you are even dropping hints here and there but still he seems extremely clueless. Then you start second guessing if he is the right guy for you anyway and as a result you end the relationship out of panic or fear of being dragged along indefinitely.

So my question is this…How long is too long to be dating without a proposal? Assuming you have both made it clear that you want to get married at some point, do you have a maximum waiting time and if so,what is it? 2 yrs, 5 yrs or maybe even 6 months is more than enough for some of you.

I had a long distance relationship for a while and boy oh boy…waiting for someone to pop the question from miles away is not a joke at all! There came a point when I almost popped the question myself! haha! Luckily I didn’t have to. Although, not that there is anything particularly wrong with that. What do you think? Is it out of place for a woman to make the move to propose or is that just unacceptable? Is the value of the marriage ruined by it in any way or do women avoid it because it seems less romantic?

Did you propose? And if you did…how did it affect your relationship?

Do Share! 🙂


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