Fear of Marriage – The Appearance

Now this is a very sensitive topic for most people. And I am not really talking about how we dress but more about the size of our belt.

As a child I remember being bigger than the other girls in my class and feeling very conscious about it. It wasn’t because I understood that being overweight was unhealthy for me…all I knew was that when I was around other kids they would point and comment about my big belly. It was painful and it was difficult feeling like there was something wrong with my body.

Although I am fitter now, my weight is still something that I struggle with. It also doesn’t get easier after having a child. Some people just bounce right back literally in less than 2 months without doing much about it but for me it has been much more difficult. The hardest part of it being the way your spouse deals with it. He  may be more willing to be silent while you work on it regardless of how long it takes; or he could be the type who just cannot keep himself from commenting on your size the moment the baby pops out.

When a woman is looking for someone to marry, is she as critical of her appearance as she is of the man she is about to marry? Does it matter to you if your partner/fiancé looks like he just stepped out of a sports shoot cover or like he is carrying a tire around his waist? Does it is matter to you if you are in the same situation? Would you actually be more comfortable with someone who is at the same fitness level as you? Is it more about a healthy lifestyle to you or also about his looks (perfect set of teeth, full head of hair, face like a Greek god, etc.)

Also, if you have been dating a guy for a while, let’s say you put on a few pounds, what do you think about him making comments about your weight? Would you be comfortable to let him draw out a fitness plan for you or would you rather he completely kept his nose out of it? Where do you draw the line?

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