Fear of Marriage – Roles

In the past, the roles of men and women were pretty defined. Women were stay-at-home wives and mothers while men were the providers and protectors. Things have seriously changed today. Men and women can easily share the same roles without it seeming out of place.

As for myself, I find comfort in being able to watch my kids grow as much as possible. I cannot imagine sitting in an office kilometres away while somebody else spends all that time with them. Well, I was lucky enough to find a partner who had the exact same values when it came to raising children. Probably if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t really have a choice in the matter. There are most likely women out there who would rather stay home but for financial reasons have to get a 9-5 office job. Although, there are many ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

So I wonder, is it more about the fear of the title itself for most women? Do women feel like if they do not have a career it somehow makes them inferior to men? Or maybe it is simply about the fear of doing the bulk of the housework and childcare?

For those of you ladies who have made up your mind to work full-time regardless of your husband’s income…if you meet Mr Right who ticks all the boxes on your list but requests that he take on the sole responsibility of the finances so that you take care of the home…will you change your mind? Or is there nothing that will allow you to give up a career for a man?

Would you rather never get married than make this compromise?

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